Is your finance department ready for the future?


Improve & automate your most complex reporting projects to save time, eliminate errors, accelerate publication and meet accessibility standards.

Data Analytics & Continuous Monitoring

Strengthen & automate your internal controls testing to mitigate risk, increase efficiency and reduce costs.


Improve your team's performance with education on leading technology solutions & finance / budget department best practices.

The Future of Finance

Seismic changes in demographics, technology, productivity trends, and budgets are currently affecting organizations across North America. These trends are accelerating and will force finance to get more done with less, surmount new hurdles and demonstrate improved levels of agility. In other words, finance departments must evolve.

Our Mission

For 25 years, F.H. Black & Company Incorporated has worked with finance and budget departments in government, education and corporations across North America to crush waste, & eliminate inefficiency.

Our mission is to ensure that our finance & budget departments do more with less, do it better than it was done before and do it in less time. 


Are you ready? Do you want to be?

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