I’ve had the pleasure of meeting many great minds here at FHB.   Consummate professionals all around, I learn much every single day.   While incorporating experiences from previous roles, I am able to apply my skills meaningfully, meeting each challenge while having fun along the way.   This is truly where I belong.  Not to mention being able to work anywhere since Day One and actually have a work-life balance!

Hafiz Khan, Solutions Advisor, Finance and Budget

For me, work satisfaction is about helping people, solving problems and continuously learning.  While these things may seem like the antithesis to remote work, this is not the case when you work remotely the FHB way.    It is rare for me to go through a day without collaborating with another team member or assisting a client.  Also, the cultural emphasis on “finding a better way” keeps things challenging and not repetitive.  Last but certainly not least, are my co-workers.  I love that I am surrounded by other fixers and thinkers who I can learn from.  

Megan Soles, Principal Consultant

Working at FHB has so many perks. I am working on tasks that fit my strengths and abilities, but also challenge me in a good way to bring the best experience to our clients. From the start I felt like part of the team, even with working fully remote. I am learning from all the different people at FHB with their strengths and knowledge in so many areas and feel myself growing in my career and personally.

Alexandra Kim, Technical Consultant

I love that the whole organization is so open and transparent. I am able and encouraged to speak to or ask for guidance from anyone.

Sasha Janzen, Consultant

F.H. Black is a positive work experience. Working remotely has brought me work life balance; no commute which translates to priceless family time. In addition, the projects that I work on to create efficiencies translates to priceless family time for our clients. Can you say “Life and Job Satisfaction”?

Jan Brewer , Principal Consultant

The FHB family has helped me to become the best version of myself, both professionally and personally. I have never had a more challenging and rewarding role. The team's enthusiasm, drive, and dedication are infectious.

James Goligher, Mgr. Marketing

It’s rewarding working with a multitude of clients across North America. I enjoy creating time efficiencies in our clients’ work, allowing them to focus time on what’s important to them. Getting to do it all remotely with the flexibility and balance needed for my family life is a huge win!  

Jill Moats, Principal Consultant

FHB excels in creating a team environment where input and collaboration are strongly encouraged. This approach creates raving fans internally and spills over to client support.

Michael Hawley, Solutions Advisor, Finance and Budget

We are small enough in numbers we know each other. There is not a lot of red tape…decisions can be made quickly, and we can be flexible. I admire each person’s skill set and our personalities are varied and interesting. The culture is relaxed yet challenging. Working remotely – there is no commute to start and end your day and my dogs can be with me.

Elaine Kolenosky, Mgr. Human Resources

We take remote work to a whole other level:  I was able to rent a condo oceanside for an entire month and live and work from my temporary home on the beach! The open communication is very refreshing – it’s important to know the big picture, where we are going and growing!

Joy Richardson, Principal Consultant

Current Job Openings

  • Employment Type: Full-Time
  • Location: Remote
  • Minimum Experience: Senior Manager/Supervisor

  • Employment Type: Full-Time
  • Location: Remote
  • Minimum Experience: Senior Manager/Supervisor

  • Employment Type: Full-Time
  • Location: Remote
  • Minimum Experience: Experienced