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We trace our roots back nearly 70 years to a traditional accounting firm. Today we are considered a foremost authority in finance department improvement & automation.

How we evolved is an interesting story.

In the late 90's, we discovered numerous clients who purchased leading ERP software but, were getting little benefit from them. They read all the manuals, watched all the videos (VHS tapes back then) even took training but still only scratched the surface of the software‘s potential.

We dug in to understand why this occurred and found the following:

1) Technology - The finance team weren’t technology experts, and technology knowledge was necessary to install, configure, utilize and integrate with other systems.

2) Project Management - There were lots of tasks to tackle. Finance needed input & support from others in their organization and coordinating/managing it all was challenging. 

3) Accounting - Though they were experts in how their business process worked, often they had an imperfect understanding of all the accounting principles and processes that affected optimal system configuration. 

4) Domain - Frequently the finance department was so ensconced in their approach to a process that it was challenging for them to step back and think about alternate, better approaches.

We took these observations and built our team to be able to solve all these problems. 

We implement, integrate and optimize industry-leading tools & best practices to improve our client's finance function.


Grandpa Black's firm, F.H. Black & Company Chartered Accountants was formed in 1950 with offices in Fort William, Ontario, Port Arthur, Ontario and Winnipeg, Manitoba.


Harry Black (grandson) founds F.H. Black & Associates


Jamie Black joins Harry. The firm formally changes name to F.H. Black & Company and reinstitutes Grandpa's firm's style & brand. The focus of the firm is traditional accounting, bookkeeping & tax.


Jamie Black becomes the CaseWare Certified consultant & trainer for Manitoba and Saskatchewan.


By 2000 the firm has grown. Our team has expanded and we have begun rendering a full range of IT consulting services including systems needs analysis, ERP implementation, custom application development, training and support. FHB becomes the CaseWare certified trainer & consultant for Alberta.


FHB implements full remote-work policy enabling complete flexibility to live and work where it best suits the individual.


Jamie & Harry found F.H. Black & Company Incorporated.


F.H. Black & Company Incorporated partners with Questica Budget to provide an automated budget book solution for their users.




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Why Choose Us?

4 key areas of expertise:

  • Accounting:
    • Our lead consultants are all designated accountants. In fact, every member of our team has extensive accounting experience working in government/education/corporate finance or public practice.
    • We have tackled reporting projects in nearly every major reporting framework in North America including GASB, PSAB, IFRS, GAAP & ASPE. 
    • We regularly present for numerous organizations on business process automation, internal controls, data analytics & monitoring.
    • We provide a diverse team of experts that understand finance. From designated accountants to programmers, from former auditors to former finance officers.
  • Technology:
    • We have been implementing technology solutions in governments, higher education and large corporations for more than two decades.
    • Our team has decades of experience performing business process analysis, building custom applications, implementing and integrating complex, diverse systems to maximize our client's efficiency.
    • We continually investigate and review current and evolving technology solutions to identify best-of-breed tools.
    • We are the sole authorized provider of implementation & training services for numerous government & education solutions. 
  • Project Management:
    • Working with our client, we carefully and formally map out each step in the project, assign responsibilities, establish and track deadlines and develop fall-back plans. 
    • We share the project plan with our clients so they can continuously track progress towards their goals. Our clients always know the status of each task and the project as a whole.
  • Domain:
    • More than 6 decades of experience working in and with 100's of finance & budget departments across North America gives our team a broad perspective on numerous approaches to solving problems. 
    • We have 5 decades of experience preparing local government financial reports (annual financial statements, CAFRs, quarterly reporting to council, etc.) which allows our team to immediately step in to assist your finance department.
    • Founding members of Government Reporting Specialists, the sole authorized provider of implementation & training services for CaseWare’s government & education solutions in the United States.
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