Accounting Automation

Eliminating manual, repetitive and high volume tasks

Current Approach

Finance & budget departments have come a long way since physical General Ledgers (actual books) and counting machines. The idea of a finance department without modern PC's and the most basic of applications like word processors & electronic spreadsheets is almost laughable.

While CPA's have begun adopting tools for complex tasks like reporting automation, some other tasks have slipped below the automation-radar:

    • AP Invoice entry
    • Reconciliations (bank and other)
    • Fixed asset accounting
    • Invoice receipt and classification
    • Collection activities (dunning)
    • Preparing tax returns
    • Two and three-way purchase order/invoice/receipt matching
    • Chargeback management

These manual, repetitive, and high volume tasks are still largely carried out by skilled professionals in most finance departments. Professionals whose time would be better spent on higher-value responsibilities (like analysis) often attribute countless hours to these arduous and, for want of a better word, boring tasks.

So why have repetitive tasks requiring little or no knowledge/skill been left to manual processing while other tasks such as financial statement and budget book generation have been largely automated in the last decade? It all comes down to scale. There are an unlimited number of unique, repetitive tasks that organizations would benefit from automating. 

Better Solutions 

Purpose-built solutions designed to automate specific complex tasks that:

  • are explicitly designed for specific jobs such as account reconciliations,
  • automate and standardize up to 99% of all associated business processes,
  • mitigate the risk of error,
  • can be scheduled to run as and when required,
  • drastically increase efficiency,

Customizable bots designed to automate any tasks that:

  • are high volume,
  • are mimicable (if you can do it at a workstation, the bots can watch and learn),
  • are repetitive and repeatable,
  • require little or no decision making.

See a better solution:

We have scoured the market to find the best solutions available. Learn more about the solutions we recommend and how they can enhance your finance department.



Save time

Automate up to 100% of repetitive time-consuming tasks. Saving up to 100% of the time spent administering them. 

Reduce the risk of errors

The most common causes of errors for repetitive, high volume & manual tasks is human error. Humans are just not built to deal with excessive repetition. The mind wanders, and mistakes are made.

Allow your staff to do what they are trained for

CPA's did not obtain their designations so they can spend hundreds of hours completing data entry type tasks. Furthermore, they don't want too. Free up your staff to do the work that really adds value to your organization and gives them a sense of worth.

Reduce costs

Accounting Automation means eliminating countless billable hours.

Support environmental policies

Modern, dedicated automation tools are designed to manage entire business processes without paper.


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Our Services...


Industry leading software and best practices only provide maximum benefit when implemented properly. Further, inexperience implementing these systems can lead to a lot of precious time being wasted and considerable frustration. Our team can help.


Large organizations use a myriad of systems; ERP, budget, payroll, capital asset databases, P-cards etc. Improving efficiency means integrating with these systems to save time, prevent fraud, reduce the risk of error and improve value for money in your operations.


Perhaps you have been using the product for years. Are you using it to its full potential? Could an unused feature/approach result in saving hours every month? Our experience tells us most often the answer is "Yes".


Whether you are a believer in traditional in-person training or embrace online opportunities, we have a training solution that will fit your preference and budget. Our authorized instructors will educate your finance team in a traditional classroom setting or in the comfort of their office.


I am certainly happy we implemented CaseWare. I easily saved 40 hours of time. Plus, we saved $8,000 on our audit fees because of the time it saved the auditors. We expect it will get faster and better yet!

Carol Hounsell, Manager, Accounting Services City of Leduc

FH Black exceeded our expectations.  From day 1, their project manager (Darryl Parker) made us believe we were his one and only client.  With his deep knowledge in governmental accounting, he had a clear understanding of our practices and challenges.

Judy Lynn, Sr. Financial Analyst Washington County Oregon

The tools we recommend...

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Trintech Inc. is a pioneer of financial corporate performance management software, combines technical and financial expertise to create innovative, cloud-based software solutions that deliver world-class financial operations and insights.
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Founded in 2001, BlackLine has become a leading provider of cloud software that automates and controls financial close and accounting processes.




UiPath has over 7,000 enterprise customers. They make robots so people don't have to be robots.