Governance, Risk, & Compliance

The Old Way

Public sector organizations are known for using antiquated practices and technologies, resulting in siloed, disconnected processes and disparate data. Oftentimes, these entities “over-control,” resulting in red tape that brings work to a crawl.

Adding complexity, finance and budget departments tend to divide responsibilities into segments, such as internal audit, enterprise risk management, internal controls, financial reporting, and data analytics—each of which can span individuals, teams, and even departments.  

This approach makes it nearly impossible to unify data, define tolerances, or communicate coherent organization-wide governance, risk, and controls (GRC) strategies—making individuals, organizations, and the communities they serve susceptible to unnecessary risk.

A Better Way

So, what is the answer? Systematic, centralized, and transparent processes, enabled by purpose-built, database-driven technologies, for seamless collaboration across an organization.   

Systematic, Centralized, Transparent Processes

  • Compartmentalized, ad hoc processes lead to inconsistent and incomplete results. Instead, standardize and consolidate your organization's risk and control data. Then use that data to make better decisions in real time.
  • Define risk tolerances and objectives. Formalize controls and procedures to ensure tolerances are not exceeded and objectives are met.
  • Assimilate and standardize, taking individuality and guesswork out of the equation. Give your team drop-down lists, not unlimited input fields.
  • Reduce red tape and speed up operations by rightsizing your policies and procedures to align with your risk tolerance.

Purpose-built Database-driven Technologies

  • Capture and manage all of your risk and control data and your financial data in one database, for a single source of truth.
  • Use cloud-based technology for optimal collaboration.


Organizational Alignment and Stronger Controls

When you define and coordinate your organization's objectives, risk appetite, and risk tolerances with a centralized software solution, you ensure that everyone is working with a clear and common purpose. Decide on a unified definition of risk, gauge of risk likelihood and severity, and the level of procedures needed to meet the organization's objectives. 

Communication and Accountability

Establishing clear and consistent communication processes prevents things from "slipping through the cracks." And access to real-time reporting provides the information needed to make decisions and ensure identified items are being addressed. Eliminate reliance on potentially overlooked email or forgotten phone calls.

Reduced Costs

Less manual work means time saved and freedom to focus on high-risk areas. Redundant control testing is a thing of the past.

Peace of Mind

Once you've reduced the risk of costly errors and oversights, rest in the assurance that your controls are addressing your risks.


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Industry leading software and best practices only provide maximum benefit when implemented properly. Further, inexperience implementing these systems can lead to a lot of precious time being wasted and considerable frustration. Our team can help.


Large organizations use a myriad of systems; ERP, budget, payroll, capital asset databases, P-cards etc. Improving efficiency means integrating with these systems to save time, prevent fraud, reduce the risk of error and improve value for money in your operations.


Perhaps you have been using the product for years. Are you using it to its full potential? Could an unused feature/approach result in saving hours every month? Our experience tells us most often the answer is "Yes".


Whether you are a believer in traditional in-person training or embrace online opportunities, we have a training solution that will fit your preference and budget. Our authorized instructors will educate your finance/internal audit team in a traditional classroom setting or in the comfort of their office.



CaseWare Idea

Caseware Idea

Move from random sampling to automated data analytics - Collect, consolidate & analyze 100% of your data in real-time to strengthen internal controls.

Caseware Alessa

Continuous monitoring, remediation, and insights to detect errors, reduce losses & improve internal controls.


Workiva's flexible, scalable, secure environment enables you to create custom queries, monitoring protocols, and notifications. See your data with complete transparency and utilize superior analytics to strengthen internal controls