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Budget Books are arguably the most challenging report prepared in Finance/Budget departments:
  1. They are much larger than a typical set of financial statements or even CAFRs.  Often, budget books are many hundreds of pages in length.
  2. Extensive collaboration from dozens of individuals typically adds to the complexity. Analysts contribute narrative, explanation and context, which must be reviewed, compiled and formatted to fit into the overall book cohesively.
  3. There is considerable emphasis on non-financial data. Budget books often include statistical information, graphs and graphics that must be integrated in just the right place and updated periodically. 

Questica Budget users can easily solve these challenges with Questica's Budget Book powered by CaseWare. 




Get a better budget book in a fraction of the time that meets or exceeds the GFOA Award Criteria.

Generate and modify the budget book in moments with automated values, charts, commentary text and formatting. 

Standard Budget Book content

The Standard Operating Budget Book:
  • On-Demand Synchronization: Modifications made in Questica Budget are synchronized to CaseWare with a single click.
  • Single source document management
  • Automatic audit trail 
  • Content:
    • Standardization mitigates risk of errors and discrepancies.
    • Text sections provide descriptions and budget analysis. 
    • Multiple Full Time Equivalents (FTEs) presentation methods
  • Task assignment, tracking and alerts
  • Diagnostics and rounding tools
  • Wide selection of formatting options
  • Up to 6 columns of operating budget numbers
  • Automatic charts, graphs, pictures
From formatting to data manipulation. Get it exactly your way!
See it out of the box
Click on the interactive table below to view samples of standardized content that meets or exceeds GFOA award criteria.

GFOA Distinguished Budget Presentation AwardV2
Code Name  
C1 Table of Contents  
P3 Priorities and Issues    
C2 Budget Overview    
O1 Organization Chart    
P4 Financial Policies    
P5 Budget Process/Calendar    
F3 Consolidated Financial Schedule  
F4 3/4 year Consolidated & Fund Schedules  
F5 Fund Balance  F4
F6 Revenues (trends and forecasts)  
F8 Capital Expenditures  
F10 Debt  
O3 Position Summary Schedule  
O4 Department Descriptions  F4
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